Our Story

Hello and welcome to Sweet & Petit – home of a literal little slice of paradise!

Based in Sydney, NSW, we are a custom cake design studio specializing in perfectly baked naked cakes, cupcakes, edible images, cake decorating tools and more. We deliver gourmet baked goodies with a refreshingly modern edge, perfectly in-tune with current cake decorating trends, and ideal for any occasion!

As the glory of Sweet & Petit began, we vowed to inspire the next generation of bakers with passion and drive unparalleled. Now, we present you with the ability to access our culinary products and expertise with ease.
Our edible image printing service allows you to create your very own uniquely decorated cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candies, and chocolates for that extra special personal touch. Allow us to print and pre-cut your image, consisting of any shape up to an A3 size page. From cake and cupcake toppers to themed cake wraps, photos, pictures and logos, we will turn any visual into an edible sensation.

Along with showcasing absolutely breathtaking designs, we also provide the cake decorating supplies and baking tools you will need to create your gorgeously delicious culinary masterpieces. Rolling pins, cake toppers, you name it - we have the cake baking tools and equipment that will help you create palatably pleasing magic. We aim to provide you with uniquely designed products that will transform your vision into the greatest creation imaginable.

Indulge your sinfully sweet tooth without the guilt. Each of our baked sweet treats are 100% Halal and vegetarian-friendly. Free of alcohol, gelatine, and gelatine substitutes.
We also wish to create an unforgettable shopping experience as you satisfy your baking needs. Expect beautifully intriguing packaging, each sweet treat lovingly wrapped in playful, baby pink tissue paper that has a distinctive sweet scent of cotton candy. Your baby pink box will arrive adorning a pretty little bow with your name in Rose gold lettering for a personalized touch all on its own. Opening each package will truly feel like buying a well-deserved gift for yourself.
In the same fashion at our cake decorating studio, we strive to maintain an exemplary level of professionalism with each online transaction. We are also committed to maintaining affordable competitive pricing. If you need assistance bringing your next baking project to life, or have any questions about our products or services, we are more than happy to assist in any way possible.

We also conveniently offer express postage for each and every order - after all, creativity cannot wait! We want the future bakers of the world to know that with the right ingredients and tools, anything is possible. With super cute, fun packaging, a user-friendly site, and modern cake styles available at every turn, we bring you cake design with you in mind.
Let Sweet & Petit turn your graduation, baby shower, wedding, or anniversary cake ideas into reality. As you browse our store, let your creative juices flow as you enjoy the sweet escape. Your business truly means the world to us!